About the artist


Flo in the studio


FLORENCE ICHTER-SIMON’s works reflects a view of the world.  Hers is as much an aesthetic response to major or dramatic events as a revival of her own memories.
Merging the likes of newspaper cuttings and fabrics and whatever else she may have collected from her surroundings into multi -mediaworks is her signature style.  She uses acrylics, oils and ink and works on paper on board and on paper.  
Florence likes those viewing her art to uncover or decipher the messages among the paint colors and the collage and thereby creates a unique relationship between themselves and the artwork. 
Her artworks are both abstracts of landscapes and buildings with figurative elements adding food for thought.

Florence studied art at the Faculté des Arts Plastiques and Ecole des Arts Decoratifs (University of Fine Arts) in Strasbourg in the eastern Alsace region of France. In the late 1970s she moved to the former French colony the Ivory Coast where that region’s indigenous art had a profound influence on her artistic leanings.

In 2008 she settled in New Zealand and was largely influenced by the culture and environment of what is now her new home. She worked with kiwi artists like Matthew brown or Catherine Stevens and did exhibited her art at various venues throughout New Zealand.

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