Pictures of an exhibition

Florence’s exhibition “PassagE” has attracted more than 170 visitors at the NorthArt Gallery in Northcote between the 5th and the 20th of September 2012. During these 2 weeks people could see Florence’s latest artwork, a collection of 20 pieces deeply influenced by recent events that happened in New Zealand or in the rest of the world, but also by a revival of personal memories. Florence‘s art involves abstractions of landscapes or buildings and her collage style artworks contain personal and universal messages that appeals to the viewer.

In her work Florence uses colours, from rich reds, to yellows and warm browns to cooler whites and greys. Her artwork teases the viewer with both familiar and unfamiliar references and pushes him to derive his or her own meaning from her works, to have an individual experience and relate to her art in a personal way. By doing so the viewer merges his own personal memories with those of the artist creating a new and absolutely unique experience.

 Effroi amoureux 400 x 400mm- Mixed media on wood board

Replique 400 x 400 mm – Mixed media on Wood board

The big devide 830 x 520 mm –  acrylics on plywood

Election 2012 900 x 560 mm – Mixed media on paper

Cash Cow 900 x 560 mm- Mixed media on paper

Berkeley III 370 x 280mm – Mixed media on plywood


Today                      &                    Tomorrow

1050 x 450 mm- Mixed media on plywood

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